Clear Creek CSD's Filtration Plant

Located at Whiskeytown Lake CCCSD's Filter plant rennovation was completed in December of 1996. It's filtration capacity was increased from eight MGD to a maximum of thirty-nine MGD (million gallons daily). The plant uses the G.E. Fanuc 90/30 logic controller to monitor and control every aspect of plant operations. The plant operator is given a GUI (graphic user interface) through an HMI SCADA software program called Wonderware which allows the operator total control over plant operations. The operator is given the ability to adjust flow rates, chemical doses, monitor both raw and filtered water turbidities, trend (chart) flows, CL2 residuals, tank levels, particulate matter...virtually any operation linked to plant monitor and control is given to the plant operators. Filter plant operators are: Roger Schreiber, Grade V certificate Bill Palmaymesa, Grade IV certificate Matt Turner, Grade IV certificate Home | OnTap | Wateruse | Conservation