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*** Dirty Water ***

PLEASE NOTE: The Lloyd lane area and all associated streets have experienced water discoloration in this area. The water is safe and contains a .35 chlorine residual. The reason you are seeing this is due to a high volume of water that passed through those lines yesterday during a pitot tube test (flow test) district staff was conducting late yesterday afternoon. The increased flows stirred up sediment in the lines which should have settled by now. The field staff will be back in the same location this morning to flush those lines to remove all of the sediment that has settled there over the past two years during the drought. Unfortunately we were not able to flush water mains the past two years due to the extreme drought conditions and the lack of water. This year and due to the non-restrictive water year staff will flush all lines within the district.

*** Drought Update ***

April 1st 2016 Bureau of Reclamation notified us that we will get 100% of our water for both M&I and AG.

*** Drought ***

March, 2016 The Bureau of Reclamation will not be releasing allocation numbers until the end of this month. It is hoped we will see more rainfall which will help the current restrictions.


The new 2016 Farm Trail map will be available soon. You can contact Johanna for the available date @ 357-2416.

*** Clear Creek CSD Board ***

The Clear Creek C.S.D. Board of Directors welcomes our newest member, Mr. Mark Engel. Mr. Engel was sworn in during the February board meeting.

*** REMINDER ***

Clear Creek C.S.D. would like to remind customers to please call the District Office any time water service needs to be turned off or on inside the meter box. This will ensure that District valves will only be operated by District employees, thus protecting the customer from charges incurred if valves are broken or meters are damaged. A field staff member is on-call during the weekends and in the evenings. Please call 357-2121.

***Backwash Recycling Project ***

The funding for the Recycling project appears to be on the home stretch. After being denied from several agencies for one reason or another, or turning down other offers for funding because they weren't good enough, we have secured funding in the amount of $446,170.00 to get the project completed. This is only half total project cost. The other half will begin as a 1.6% loan for 30 years. However I am still seeking a way to find another grant to pay for the other half.


The Consumer Confidence Report Certification Report is now availble for review on our page at CCR2014. You can also come by the office and pickup up a copy of the report. The 2015 report will be released in June.

***From The District Manager***

Once again we are up for another challenging water year. The allocations remain at Health & Safety, 541 acre feet for the year until told otherwise. Reclamation is waiting until the end of March to update and announce the allocation restrictions for this year, 2016/17. We will keep you posted as we are updated with new numbers

***Other Restrictions with Drought***

Other Restrictions: *No filling of new pools, ponds or lakes, etc. no new commercial or agricultural irrigation shall be permitted. *All outside watering must be done after dusk and before dawn. *No new landscaping or lawns for new existing customers. Individual customers who willingly violate the restrictions will be subject to a letter of warning from the General Manager notifying them of the violation. If the violation(s) continue, they may be subject to corrective action outlined in the Water Codes Section 356, up to and including discontinuation of service for willful violation of the regulations and restrictions.

***Fire Hydrants***

Clear Creek CSD would like to ask the publics assistance in keeping an eye on our local fire hydrants. There should be no one hooked up to our hydrants except for the Fire Departments during this drought season! Please get all the information you can on the vehicle connected and contact the District office at 357-2121.

***Water use outside District boundaries:***

There will be no water use outside district boundaries again this year.

***Next Board of Directors Meeting:***

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on March 16, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the District office.